Renewable Energy Sources analyses

The interest in investing in own renewable energy sources leads to the need to select their power and configuration. The selection of the optimal power of a photovoltaic or wind farms should be based on a detailed analysis comparing the demand for electricity with the forecasted production of renewable sources, allowing for the determination of savings possible to achieve with a given configuration of the sources. This type of problem often requires the involvement of specialized software and experience in conducting similar analyses. For this reason, it is important to rely on the consultancy of specialized entities not related to the sale of the analyzed energy sources in the above-mentioned process of selecting the power of sources.

Exergon’s offer includes dedicated studies aimed at the optimal selection and configuration of renewable energy sources taking into account the customer’s demand for electricity. As part of this type of work, energy demand is compared hour by hour with the forecast electricity generation from planned energy sources. Exergon’s proprietary computational models allow to determine the configuration of energy sources maximizing the parameters of the economic assessment of investments, such as NPV, IRR, DPD. A dedicated team of Exergon specialists uses software for modeling photovoltaic farms, such as PV Sol, as well as wind databases for Europe.

An additional aspect considered as part of this type of analysis is the use of energy storage system, which allow for increasing the use of energy produced from own sources. Energy storage system utilization is also modeled and analyzed for a full reference year at hourly resolution.

The last stage of work related to investments in renewable energy sources most often concerns analyzes related to the detailed location of individual sources, the method of their connection or obtaining appropriate connection conditions and permits.