Plans, programs, strategies, forecasts

The role of local governments is to ensure the sustainable development of communes, cities and voivodeships. For this purpose, it is necessary to analyze the current state of key areas of the economy, diagnose existing problems, search for solutions and consequently, plan and implement the necessary investments that will contribute to achieving the required results. The results of these activities must be consistent with the provisions of national and EU regulations. Currently, great emphasis is placed on the rational management of energy carriers and waste management. For this purpose, local governments begin to prepare plans and programs, including:

  • waste management plans,
  • programs for removing products containing asbestos,
  • plans for the supply of heat, electricity and gas fuels,
  • low-carbon transitioning towards a net zero carbon economy plans,
  • development plans of heating companies,
  • electromobility and sustainable urban mobility development plans,
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation plans.

Moreover, for the needs of local government units and municipal companies, Exergon offers a wide range of services related to energy savings and “green” transformation. In addition to carrying out all types of specialized audits, we also carry out work on energy self-sufficiency (both at the level of municipalities, companies, cooperatives, communities and other selected “energy islands”), we support the creation of energy communities, energy cooperatives and energy clusters, and the implementation of circular economy, implementation of the principles of sustainable modernization and development, support for obtaining funding for the above-mentioned goals.

The preparation of the above-mentioned documents requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge in the analyzed areas. Often, the existing staff does not have the opportunity to perform additional duties, which necessitates expanding the implementation team with new members. An indispensable part of preparing plans is also the analysis of the document’s impact on the environment, which can only be performed by specialists with appropriate experience. An alternative for local government is to outsource this type of services to a company specializing in their performance.

Exergon has qualified staff and extensive experience in preparing plans and strategies for institutions and enterprises throughout Poland. In addition, Exergon constantly cooperates with Partners carrying out environmental analyses, which allows us to provide comprehensive support for the entire process up to the implementation of a plan, program or strategy.

We have extensive experience in cooperation with local governments and municipal companies, including: from such towns as (alphabetically): Biała Podlaska, Białystok, Busko Zdrój, Czersk, Dąbrowa Górnicza,  Gliwice, Jastrzębie Zdrój, Grudziądz, Katowice, Leszno, Lublin, Łódź, Opole, Ostrów Mazowiecka, Ostrzeszów, Piła, Ruda Śląska, Sosnowiec, Wadowice, Wałcz, Warszawa, Włocławek, Wrocław, Wodzisław Śląski, Świnoujście, Tarnów, Zambrów.