Extended cooperation with Silesian University of Technology

In April 2016, an agreement between EXERGON Ltd. and Silesian University of Technology was concluded, resulting in the declaration of mutual cooperation in the following areas: initiation of research and development works, launching and implementation of projects dedicated to innovative technological solutions’ development and commercialization, applying for co-funding to carry out research and development projects, promotion of partnership between Silesian University of Technology and EXERGON, organization of apprenticeships and internships for University students as well as presentations and workshops conduction, among others, as a part of classes for students at various education stages.

The agreement extends the cooperation between our Company and Silesian University of Technology, which was first initiated in 2014.

Professor Ryszard Białecki from Silesian University of Technology, the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, has been chosen as a Co-ordinator, as well as ph. D. Grzegorz Szapajko, the Vice-President of the  EXERGON Ltd. Board.